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Give me a "P", give me an "R", an "E", a "G", an "N", an "A", an "N", "T". What does that spell? PREGNANT WITH A BLACK MAN'S BABY!" Yeaaaaaah! In only my second time getting inseminated by multiple black men on film I show you perverts out there not only my dedication and devotion to getting pregnant by a black man, but my ENTHUSIASM for interracial breeding! To my utter disappointment, my first scene did NOT get me pregnant so this time I planned on trying a little harder. I work hard to get my black studs balls a little bit more warmed up this time before they even pull out their enormous black cocks. What is gonna get a black mans balls stirred up more than a white girl? A white girl in a cheerleader uniform begging for black men to fill her pussy with jizz! Watch my big black lover Ace get first dibs on my ovaries and empty his balls into me while his black mushroom tip is pressed flat against my uterus. After Ace is done releiving himself, Mr. Ice Cold himself steps up to the plate with his own evil intentions and unleashes his own baby-batter into my already gooey, fertile, black seed craving baby'makin' hole. In only one day, I let FOUR black men ejaculate into my unprotected pussy!

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i'd date her and let her fuck all thh black cock she wants, and pay for the kid, i'm totally down

Member funng**** Said:
Barb is so beautiful, with so much energy. If she were to propose to me I'd say yes in a second.

Member beaub**** Said:
i want to suck the seed out

Member eemar**** Said:
Cheeleaders wanting to get pregnant by black cocks is hot, hot hot!!!!!

Member oedo3**** Said:
You're so hot, looking forward to the day you announce you're finally pregnant

Member starm**** Said:
would love to give you a baby.

Member fanch**** Said:
Never stop telling us about your ovaries and your Uterus Barb!

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