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Hi guys! I start this weeks scene off with my THIRD pregnancy test after last weeks 5 creampies! What are the results? STILL NOT PREGNANT! Oh well, that means I just gotta keep tryin'! After reading "not pregnant" again on that little stick, we call over Ice Cold to cheer me up with his 13 inch black cock and huge black cumsacks dangling between his legs. What happens at the end? No surprise here, another HUGE creampie after another incredible breeding session of course!

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Member ilove**** Said:
i seriously hope she has a black baby

Member eemar**** Said:
When she finally gets pregnant, you have to film her fucking all the way until the end. She's much hotter than Ruth Blackwell, so you need to keep fucking her like this. Or add in a husband to make it more cuckold-like.

Member jz033**** Said:
you are the best

Member beaub**** Said:
i would love to impregnate her

Member oedo3**** Said:
Barb Cummings is flawless

Member joker**** Said:
I'm a white guy...and I wouldn't lick up that sh_t if you paid me. But, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching those black boyz blowing their loads deep (not this partial insertion cr_p) inside your...fertile?...womb. I may have an average 6" dick...but I knocked up my wife first try. Just admit you're on birth control.

Member joker**** Said:
You really need to stop pretending...the mystique has worn off. Then you will really be the hottest black cock slut on the internet.

Member biguy**** Said:
Barb said, "Every white guy just came wishing he could lick up this load" How right she is.

Member josh3**** Said:
id say stop taking birth control and then youd become pregnant haha duhh

Member hvitp**** Said:
THis scene is perfect! Love how she says that white bois with their tiny dicks can never measure up to a superior black man.

Member Slamm**** Said:
Still not pregnant? Try the back door honey.

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