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I'm so depressed. I was lying in bed with Jason Brown( who has one of the biggest black cocks ever!) and I was telling him that I just can't seem to get pregnant. No matter how many black cocks I suck and fuck, which must be in the hundreds by now, I just can't seem to have that black baby I desire. I can't ant won't give up hope. My dripping wet pussy will always take in a huge throbbing black cock. My snatch always accepts and loves a nice healthy cream pie every single time. Some people call it a curse to have a sexual appetite like mine. I call it a blessing that I take, and always will take, big meaty black dicks especially if they're the size of Jason's. Watch as Jason becomes one of MANY to dump a healthy load deep inside my pussy. Will his lottery number come up? ?Even if it is than that's not enough for me to stop my constant prowl for big huge fucking black dick.

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Member abier**** Said:
i absolutely LOVE the kissing in this scene.... please record a cuckold session clip with Goddess Barbie Cummings, where She french kisses Her 5 lovers all the time and shows Her dirty, bare perfect feet. Bangbros ROCK!

Member bithe**** Said:
i want to eat the cum out of her pussy

Member gawnd**** Said:
shes so fucking hot

Member nick1**** Said:
I'd love to eat the cum out of her pussy on camera for all to see

Member flurg**** Said:
please for the love of god, remove the velvet clown painting!

Member josh2**** Said:
wish she would quit the birth control pills n actually get pregnant lol she needs to be preg for once n fuck

Member Garve**** Said:
Take these photos back to the editing room and fix the chroma.

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