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I have many talents besides being the queen of interracial porn. In fact, before I got into interracial porn I was a licenses massage therapist. I got tired of giving happy endings to tiny dick white guys so I started my own practice. John E.Depth must have fucked up his back playing basketball because he came to see me to relieve his pains. Lucky for him fixing his back was the last thing on my mind once I took a look at the black anaconda dick of his. Holy shit, that thing is fucking huge. My white pussy got drenched the moment I saw it and at that moment I knew I needed it in my hands, mouth, and pussy. I never gave this type of service to those lame guys but then again, I wasn't trying to get knocked up by any of them. Moments after I swallowed his black cock I had it balls deep in my snatch. I couldn't wait for it to explode with a hot load deep inside me since I am trying so badly to conceive. I'm pretty sure his load made it all the way up since his gigantic black cock spread me completely open. My pink walls were spread way too big to allow his cock easy access.I'll be ready for his baby to come since I've been keeping my pussy bald and gave up smoking......unless I'm smoking black pole. I'm always down for a messy cream pie!

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Member ilove**** Said:
best on the site, need more

Member smack**** Said:
Love those massage videos!!! Please do more!

Member casma**** Said:
Love Barbie, but want to see something besides a cream pie... What about some anal or a facial. Any chacnes once you guys return?

Member jcurr**** Said:
You look very adorable and sexy in your pink sweats Barb. It would be nice if the video could include the scenes of you showing off your body in that outfit and stripping before John E. enters the health spa.

Member fanch**** Said:
I'm happy you've quit smoking Barb, Here's to hoping and praying you get knocked up by this lucky black stud!

Member ac667**** Said:
I just rejoined this site and Barb you are perfect a black cock loving slut and ur super hot pretty feet to

Member rippe**** Said:
Also, embrace the upcoming technological singularity as well. We might all be super-intelligent with monster cocks, living in a simulated reality, or maybe we are already?? haha

Member rippe**** Said:
And from the looks of it, the race with the stereotypical smallest wangs (asian) is becoming the most prosperous at the fastest rate (maybe because of intelligence?), I don't know. So how about enough with this race shit, and just enjoy the entertainment here. I'll definitely be sticking with the other hetero sites on this network.

Member rippe**** Said:
Name me one country in the entire world, just one in the world, where the majority is of african decent, that isn't overwhelmed with disease, poverty, crime, etc. I have no issues with any race, I think we are all equal, just different attributes, but this is a response to jorar*** about the white race.

Member Raide**** Said:
yeah it's totally weird. just shut the fuck up and suck his cock.

Member jorar**** Said:
If she has a boy, he'll be black and a future black cock monster. If it's a girl, then, she'll be white and a future black monster cock whore. It's that simple. White race is going down.

Member justs**** Said:
Not my kind of thing, the talk about black babys is just wierd. But i suppose everyone has their own tastes, i kept thinking what if you have a girl! :)

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