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This was supposed to be a double bust in my cunt from 2 young black studs, but instead it turned out to just be a bust. One boy couldn't find his edge, and had no wood, and the other numbnuts popped in his own hand. How the hell am I supposed to get pregnant from that shit? It looked like I may have to go without my weekly interracial cream pie! So what to do? Finally I decided to call in my backup fuck, Lucky, who always delivers the goods. Let's just hope that he lives up to his name, and bakes up a poppin' fresh chocolate bun from my steaming hot oven! I decided to give Lucky the BFE, or boyfriend experience instead of my usual "total slut with attitude." Maybe a little TLC will encourage him to go the extra mile and give me a better chance to get to the delivery room. One good thing about Lucky is he doesn't have far to shoot to hit my cervix, he is one long slab of dark meat! We are talking 12 inches of big black cock. Thick black interracial dick! I gave Lucky the suck, fuck, suck, fuck... repeat, treatment and when he was hard enough to cut a diamond, I opened up and let him blast my innards with enough "hood custard" to knock up the whole hood. Hope I get Lucky with Lucky! XOXOXOXOXOXXO

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Member beaub**** Said:
i would love to fuck her after a whole bunch of black cocks cumm inside and suck and swallow all the cumm out

Member Texgu**** Said:
I dunno, don't you think you'd have more luck getting bred if every black guy didn't pull out most of the way before cumming? You need to find a black man who's not afraid to plant it deep when it's time to give you his seed.

Member andre**** Said:
this cunt needs to get some ass pounding and throat gagging by a couple of brother

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Does it seem like a waste to have her beautiful cunt get filled with cum week after week with no one there to clean her up?

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