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Back again this week with another double interracial creampie session! After last week's double afro-cream injection, I was sure I finally hit the black baby lottery. I did the usual squat and pee on the stick, waiting for the right color to appear, but alas, no blue joy! So what's a black cock slut to do? What else, go find some more sperm donors! This week I decided to bring in the heavy hitters. My line-up...first at bat, Brian Pumper , the jizz dumper. They don't call him Pumper for nothing! He's like a pumptruck, when he reels out that black hose, he can put out any fire. Pumper is known for overshooting the mark when he blasts, and the low man on the totem pole gets to wipe the splatters off the wall, or mop up the floor. This time I'm making sure none of this gloppy goodness goes to waste as I keep that fat nozzle jammed into my ductwork, hoping to find one of them eggs I've been keeping around for an interracial DNA party. Batting cleanup is Hooks, who ought to be called "off the hooks" for the jumbo-sized, legendary jizz blasts he is known for. No one knows how he keeps his boys in training, but I'm pretty sure one of his cum-volcanos could fill up an elephant pussy! I'll start off sucking those black snakes, and I'll even surprise Pumper with a little oral expedition up his asshole to see if tickling his prostrate with my�tongue helps get more of his swimmers into the competition. Yeah, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! Bring on the meat, and get ready for a treat! Stay posted for the results, and until next time... XOXOXOXOXOXXO

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Member SVOGU**** Said:
I think she needs to get womb raided and skullfcked by 4 Huge cock niggas to the tune of 2 massive creampies and 2 gigantic forcefed loads swallows. Now that would be a true fucking whore!!!!!

Member josh2**** Said:
that one dude who smells the feet might need some mental help wtf is wrong with that guy? lol weird

Member tommy**** Said:
Iam like the other went can Babie go back to fucking guys in her ass multi white and black she like it

Member Slamm**** Said:
Hasn't her unemployment run out yet? You would think she would be back to work by now!

Member Slamm**** Said:
Is she "laid off" too? When is this girl coming back to work, or aint she?

Member zeljk**** Said:
we want more gangbang creampies especialy gloryhole multiple creampie

Member bully**** Said:
love what u do! can we get an anal?

Member tommy**** Said:
When is she going to take it up the ass. let make some 9 movies

Member josh2**** Said:
whats wrong with that dude who smells the feet? weird motherfucker lol

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